Sunday, August 15, 2010

Working Towards Battle Mountain '10

I've been working hard on getting the Orion race worthy.  Since it is still not even road worthy after our crash in Michigan, it's been a lot of work.  The damage to the wing assembly was sufficient that we decided to make a new one and incorporate a number of upgrades we've been planning for some time.

Where we're going:

The rendering shows the jig, the central "Shear Link", the white foam core for the central part of the wing, and the port side "Knuckle" where the port side axle will attach and be adjustable.
and here is a pic of most of the parts I've made to date to make it happen.  Actual epoxy work with fiberglass and carbon fiber should start in a day or two. The blue machinable wax cores are for the inboard wing mounts, so that the carbon wing will be hollow at that location to clamp onto the shear link.


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